Commercial Credit Services Pty Ltd provides its clients with comprehensive Australia-wide debt collection services for all commercial B2B debts and high volume, low value consumer B2C debts.

Our dedicated and highly skilled team of debt collection professionals provide the following services:

  • Commercial Debt Collection – Fast Track & Classic Options
  • Consumer Debt Collection
  • Debt Collection Litigation (Commercial & Consumer) - NSW/QLD/VIC
  • Credit Documentation & Management


Commercial Debt Collection – Fast Track & Classic Options
Because commercial debt collection is different from consumer debt collection, our specialist commercial collection team uses different collection techniques when collecting commercial debts to ensure your debt is collected in a prompt and efficient manner. We also take care to retain the working relationship you have with your customer to effectively reduce further credit abuse.
Because we deal with commercial debtors on a daily basis, we are aware of the stalling tactics that they use and we are able to counter them. Our Collection process is both fast and effective and you have the choice of two types of collection processes, depending on the nature of your client relationships.
The two types of debt collection processes are Classic and Fast Track.

Which type of debt collection process is best for me?

Fast Track Collection (11 days)
If you have already spent a lot of time on the credit collection process and want the debt recovered quickly, then Fast Track may suit you.  It takes just 11 days to recover your debts and is particularly suited for low value once-only transaction style customers. 
Click here to see the steps involved.
Contact us for a confidential discussion on which collection method is best suited to your circumstances.

Classic Collection (22 days)
Classic Collection is a process which is ideally suited to highly valued customers who will have an ongoing relationship with you and who may benefit from a payment plan or the chance to settle their debts without Commercial Credit Services taking legal action.
The classic debt collection process takes 3 weeks (22 days) but does offer advantages for qualifying debtors.
Click here to see the steps involved.
Contact us for a confidential discussion on which collection method is best suited to your circumstances.

Consumer Debt Collection
Consumer debt collection is a “specialist area” which is why Commercial Credit Services has a specialist team of over 60 employees to handle our consumer debt portfolios.  
Consumer debt tends to be time consuming and labour intensive and often debtors are difficult to locate. For each of our consumer debt portfolios we have a partnership agreement, so that all parties concerned are familiar with the expectations and processes involved in the collections. We also engage our in-house skip trace team when it is necessary to locate a debtor that is no longer at the address provided.

Debt Collection Litigation (Consumer and Commercial)
When all else fails to recover the debt, you may, after considering your options in consultation with your dedicated account manager, decide to pursue your claim legally using the Legal Collection Process.  
Our in-house lawyers, Aston Reid Lawyers will act on your behalf, preparing all necessary forms and ensuring that your interest is being looked after at all times.
Click either  NSW/QLD/VIC  to peruse the steps involved and to see how our solicitors can work with you to assist in the speedy recovery of your debts.

Credit Documentation & Management
Comprehensive Credit Documentation is essential for the effective running of a business. It is essential that you have correctly worded Terms of Trade in place with your customers at the beginning of your relationship with them.
Terms and conditions of Trade will help protect against the loss of profit, provide indemnity from potential liabilities, enable you to impose charges for late payment and provide the advantage of retention of title until goods are paid for.
Effective Terms of Trade will improve cash-flow and reduce the cost of monitoring payments, resolving disputes and unpaid accounts. Many business owners don’t realise how important their Credit Documentation is until they are at the other end of Debt Collection Litigation.
Commercial Credit Services in conjunction with Aston Reid Lawyers will tailor your Credit Documentation to suit the needs of your business and will include:

  • Terms and conditions of Trade
  • Credit Application
  • Directors/Personal Guarantees and Indemnities

Your Credit Documentation will cover you in relation to the Privacy Act, Fair Trading Acts, Commonwealth Trade Practices Act, Time limit for defects, Retention of Title and Recovery of costs, expenses and Interest.

Your Debt Collection Professionals

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Debt Collection Litigation (Consumer and Commercial)



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