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Frequently Asked Questions for Clients & Debtors

Client FAQ’s

What kind of debt does Commercial Credit Services collect?

We collect consumer and commercial debt for clients throughout Australia. We work with large corporate companies, government agencies, education facilities as well as small and medium businesses. Debt size varies from a few hundred dollars with no upper limit. Please phone on 1800 446 901 to see how we can help you.

How do I arrange for CCS to collect debts?

You need to open an account with us, so that we can act on your behalf. You can do this online by clicking on the Enquire button, or call toll free 1800 446 901 (Aust) or +64 4928 3016 (NZ), to get things started.

Does CCS keep me informed of the status of the debts?

Yes, your dedicated account manager will keep you informed of the progress of your collections and contact you if we need a decision regarding the account, such as legal action or skip tracing, or to recommend changes to collection strategies. If you have opted for our online service, then you can access file notes on your debts at any time.

What happens if you can’t find the debtor or they have moved?

CCS has its own, in house Skip Tracing team which uses various means to locate these debtors. If the debtor is located, then action continues.

What information do you need to load a debt?

The more information that you can provide about your customer and the debt, will assist in timely and effective debt recovery. As a minimum we would need a copy of your terms of trade and a copy of the invoice/statement of debt.

How will my client’s credit rating be affected?

If collection proceedings get as far as judgment then the default will be listed with a credit reporting bureau. This will remain listed for a period of five years, even if the debt is paid. It will only be removed if the account was incorrectly lodged in the first place.

What does it cost to use CCS?

We charge an annual membership fee and a percentage commission on collection of the debt. No collection No commission. The commission rate depends on the debt values and type of debt as well as the number of debts that you need to refer. To discuss your specific needs, call toll free 1800 446 901 (Aust) or +64 4928 3016 (NZ) to make an appointment for a FREE consultation OR Enquire online.

Debtor FAQ’s

Will my default be listed on my credit history?

It will be if your creditor lists it as part of their credit policy or if the debt remains unpaid and a judgment is entered. Once a default is listed with a credit bureau it will remain there for five years. It will only be removed if the account was incorrectly listed in the first place.
Banks and financial institutions and some larger companies that extend credit use this information to determine whether to offer credit or not.

How can I pay my account?

There are several options to choose from including: cheque, credit card, EFT and BPay.

I can’t pay my debt in full. Can I pay by instalments?

Accounts ultimately need to be paid in full and it is our obligation to our client (the person you owe money to) to find a solution that is acceptable to them. If you can’t pay in full then we need to confirm your financial situation and agree to a payment plan that is acceptable to the person you owe the money to and that you can afford -This needs to be in writing.

Legal action has started on my account; can I still pay it off in instalments?

Please call us immediately to explain your situation and we will do all we can to help you set up a payment plan. Ultimately it needs to be acceptable to your creditor.

Why do you need all my contact details?

We need to be able to correctly identify you and establish that the account belongs to you. If your contact details are up to date, we are in the best position to contact you to discuss your situation and offer assistance.

Will I still be able to get credit if my account has been listed as a default with a credit bureau?

This is out of our hands. When you apply for credit, the provider may perform a credit check on you to assist them in their decision. If your debt has been paid in full this will be looked on more favourably but won’t guarantee that credit will be approved.